Learn about a software engineer’s inspiring weight loss journey in the weight loss story, “Lost 27 Kilos in 10 Month”

A Little about the Person

In ten months, the 41-year-old shed 27 kilograms. When software engineer, musician, and visual artist Rahul Mukherjee discovered he could no longer fit into his dress pants, losing weight became his primary priority in life. Rahul made the decision to start working out and living a healthy lifestyle during the COVID epidemic in order to remove the extra weight. In just 10 months, the 41-year-old shed 27 kilograms. At one point, he weighed 110 kg. This post is included with the facts on Lost 27 Kilos in 10 Month. Here is the entire details. Read: How to Reduce the Excessive Belly Fat- Easiest Ways to Complete Within a Month

The pivotal moment

“I needed to dress up for a virtual video meeting with our senior executives at work during the height of the pandemic, but I lacked any formal pants that fit. So I dressed in a lungi, jacket, shirt, and tie. It’s humorous but true.” Rahul declares, “It was My Bajaj lightbulb moment.

Rahul responded, “Mr. Olympia 2032!” when asked how he would like to see himself in the following ten years. No? Idealistic enough? I’ll postpone that for now. If I’m still performing, wearing my gear, and capable of closing at 50, I’ll consider that a success! Thank goodness I don’t have a martial stack anymore!”

A Healthy Diet followed by the Person

Diet on morning

Two eggs, two slices of toast, cheese, and coffee for breakfast. I frequently eat dalia or oats. I joined a program that had several possibilities and was created for my lifestyle. In this part, I mentioned my usual go-to option.

Diet on afternoon

Chicken and vegetables for lunch. Fruit is occasionally offered after the meal as well. Vegetables weighed roughly 100 grams, and protein was between 100 and 150 grams.

Diet on night

Dinner will mostly consist of paneer kebabs with sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes, bread, rice, and a variety of other veggies with cheese, poultry, eggs, and other protein sources were my options. As you can see, my program embraces both fat and carbohydrates.

Diet on pre-workout period

1 banana plus a pre-workout drink make up the pre-workout meal.

Diet on post-workout period

For the majority of people, this will often be a protein drink.

Discipline is the Fitness Secret He Unveiled

You must maintain concentration during the challenging moments if you desire outcomes. This required going out with pals for happy hour, but the only genuine food supplied was water and a bed of lettuce and cabbage for snacks. This entails working all day and getting to the gym at 9:30 p.m. This implies that you’ll stick with the plan and keep your attention on your long-term objectives even when things stall or you start to slip. Long-term endeavours necessitate persistent dedication. Read Also: Discussing the Benefits of Curry Leaves for Weight Loss and Other Health Benefits

Daily exercise routine of the Person

He warm up first, move on to strength training, and finally stretch. He often work three days and then take two days off. Leg day is every Monday. He switch up different exercises to keep things fresh. When he didn’t have weight training, he concentrated on increasing my stamina and doing cardio. He occasionally substituted light full-body exercises for cardio.

Final Few Words

Rahul remembered the period when he could no longer fit into his clothes when asked about the lowest point that further motivated him to lose weight. He said, “Man, I’m telling you, lungi was sporting a jacket and a tie.”

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