Obesity Diet: How Makhanas Will Help You to Lose Weight and Other Health Benefits


Every Indian household consumes Makhanas, also known as foxnuts. In practically every section of India, it is a popular food. They’re eaten as snacks, as well as with other nuts, during fasting. Makhanas will help you to lose weight as it aids in the reduction of calorie intake by curbing hunger. Makhanas are consumed during fasting. This cuisine consumed during fasting is frequently meticulously carved as it is a person’s primary source of energy. Here, in this article we will share what makes makhanas unique, as well as how they can aid weight loss. This article is included with detailed discussion on How Makhanas Will Help You to Lose Weight. Have a look thoroughly.

Makhanas for Weight Loss

Foxnuts are a good source of protein and fibre, so they’re a good choice for a healthy snack. Makhanas include protein, which keeps you fuller for longer, helps to regulate your appetite, and so helps you lose weight.
Raw makhanas or roasted makhanas with salt and black pepper are both delicious options. It’s a great snack option because of its variety and nutritional value. You can have makhanas for breakfast or as a lunchtime snack to make them a part of your everyday diet. You can add several makhana snacks for weight loss in your diet chart as well.
Here are some of the reasons why makhanas are a great weight-loss snack:
• A cup of 32 grams makhanas contains 106 calories, according to the USDA. Because of their low calorie content, fox nuts make a great snack.
• Because of the high protein content, Makhanas might keep you satisfied for longer. Overeating and cravings can be avoided with protein.
• They have very few saturated fats, making them extremely beneficial to the human body.
• Makhanas help control blood sugar levels because they are low glycemic meals.

Ways to Use Makhanas for Weight Loss

Makhanas can be ground or roasted and consumed either way. They can be used in soups, salads, and other curry dishes after soaking them overnight in water. You can also use makhana snacks for weight loss. Rice puddings and other dry roasted foods often contain puffed lotus seeds. Here’s how to put them to work for you when it comes to losing weight:
Dry roast the makhana over low to medium heat in a heavy-bottomed pan. Add a teaspoon of ghee, salt, and pepper once they’ve been uniformly roasted. Stir for a few minutes more, or until everything is thoroughly combined. Allow for thorough cooling of the makhanas now. Place them in an airtight container to preserve their freshness.
Choose a handful of makhanas each day instead of fried foods to help you lose weight. You must, of course, combine them with a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Anything in excess is harmful, so keep that in mind. Allergies, gastrointestinal problems, constipation, bloating, and flatulence can all result from eating too many fox nuts.

Other Health Benefits of Makhanas

There are lots of health benefits of makhanas that could make you amazed. The best Makhana benefits for health are listed below.


The anti-aging properties of lotus seeds are the first and most important benefit of eating them. These Lotus seeds are thought to contain enzymes that slow down the ageing process. The lotus seed contains a high concentration of enzymes that aid in the repair and preservation of damaged proteins.

Aids in the control of blood sugar

The glycemic index of foxnuts is very low. Makhanas have been shown in numerous trials to help maintain appropriate blood glucose levels.

Healthy protein

Lotus seeds are well-known for being a high-protein, high-nutrient food. To treat protein deficit in the body, doctors even advise eating lotus seeds.


Makhanas are abundant in antioxidants such as flavonoids and may have anti-inflammatory properties that are good for your heart. It also benefits the appearance of the skin.

Helps patients who have diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic illness characterized by excessive blood sugar levels and caused by the pancreas’ improper insulin hormone release. Lotus seeds are high in protein and starch, which are beneficial to diabetics’ health.

Promotes bone health

Calcium and magnesium are important for bone health, thus foxnuts are high in both. Include foxnuts in your diet for stronger bones and teeth, as well as for the treatment of illnesses like osteoporosis and joint pain.

Low glycemic index

Lotus seed has a low GI, which means it releases energy to your body slowly and gradually, allowing you to stay energized throughout the day. It will help you avoid stress and maintain a healthy mind.

Aids in weight loss

Makhanas will help you to lose weight, because low-glycemic-index foods make you feel full and satisfied. That helps you to lose weight.

Alternative medicine

The other healthy side to function as alternative medicine is included in Makhana benefits as well. Makhana is highly excellent for the kidneys and spleen, according to traditional Chinese medicine. It also aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and arthritis, among other things. It’s high in antioxidants, which help with digestion, revitalize the respiratory system, and keep you from urinating too much or too often.

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Despite having several health benefits Lotus seeds should be ingested in moderation, as too much of them can cause adverse effects in certain people. Hope this article will be a handful piece for you. If you don’t know how makhanas can change your life please have a look to this article.


Is Makhana good for weight loss?
Makhana is high in protein and fibre, both of which may help you lose weight and fat. Makhana, fox nuts, or simply lotus seeds are a nice snack between meals or at midnight. They are high in protein and low in salt, cholesterol, and fat.

When should I eat Makhana for weight loss?
The best thing about these puffed lotus seeds is that they’re not only delicious but also healthful. This healthful snack comes in a variety of flavors and textures, from flavored to roast. It’s not necessary to drink this at a specific time. This can be taken in between meals multiple times a day.

How much Makhana can I eat in a day?
Take a couple of handfuls of Makhana or as needed. Alternatively, you can toss a few Makhana into your salads.

Can we eat Makhana at night for weight loss?
Makhanas can be ground or roasted and consumed either way. They can be used in soups, salads, and other curry dishes after soaking them overnight in water. Rice puddings and other dry roasted foods often contain puffed lotus seeds.

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