TikTok Says This Supplement Stops Sugar Cravings – but It’s Not That Simple

L-Glutamine: What Is It?

According to Mount Sinai Hospital, glutamine is the most prevalent form of amino acid (the building blocks of protein) in the human body. The form of glutamine that is present in food and supplements is different, but the substance itself is fundamentally the same. Glutamine can be produced by the human body and is also present in a wide variety of common plant and animal foods, including beef, chicken, milk, and raw spinach. Please go through the entire post for getting all the information on the useful Supplement Stops Sugar Cravings. Have a look. Read: What Is the Mayr Method Diet, and Is It Safe?

According to the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research, glutamine is used by the human body as a fuel source (particularly for cells lining the intestines) and aids in immunological and digestive function among other things (GI Society). According to Mount Sinai, the human body can typically produce enough glutamine to meet its regular needs; however, in situations of high stress (such as following intense physical exertion, trauma, or an injury) or in individuals whose bodies are constantly under stress (such as those with IBS or immune disorders), there is an increased demand for glutamine, making supplementation essential.

Can Supplemental L-Glutamine Help With Cravings or Weight Loss?

L-glutamine supplementation may help with weight loss or hunger control, but not in the way you might expect. L-glutamine works essentially like any other protein when you consume it. According to Kearney, protein is an excellent nutrient for weight loss because it digests slightly slowly, keeping you satisfied for a longer period of time. You could be less likely to experience cravings or go for a snack since you feel fuller for longer. Instead, you might decide to wait until your next meal. Read Also: Discussing Soya Recipes to Loss Excessive Body Weight

Despite what TikTok may suggest, there isn’t generally a miracle supplement that may make you lose weight quickly, according to Kearney. She claims, “We don’t see behind the scenes.” We don’t see them exercising or changing their diet, so when they take a supplement, it’s simple to believe that it is the only thing functioning.

What about applying it on your gums? It is true that placing the supplement’s powder beneath your tongue can increase absorption or speed up the process. However, Kearney advises mixing it with fluid (i.e. water) in order to maximise the nutrient’s gastrointestinal advantages.

What can you do instead to stop cravings?

Cravings aren’t always bad; they can be a sign that your body is in need of something. The hormone ghrelin alerts the brain that you are hungry when you are not full. According to Kearney, we tend to gravitate for sugar because it digests more quickly than protein and fat and because our bodies are signalling us they need fast-acting nutrients.

According to Kearney, there are three main causes of sugar cravings. You either wait too long between meals, causing your blood sugar to plummet, or you consume a higher-carb diet, which metabolises more quickly and makes you feel hungry more quickly.

According to Kearney, eating a combination of protein, fibre, and healthy fats will help you feel satisfied for longer, which means your blood sugar is more stable and leads to fewer sugar cravings. All of these foods digest slowly and contain essential nutrients. L-glutamine can also be naturally ingested by consuming high-protein foods like chicken, fish, and vegetables like spinach and peas.

The Moral: Delay Adding L-Glutamine Supplements Not yet

In the end, eating habits as a whole have a considerably greater influence on weight loss than a single supplement. L-glutamine probably won’t help you lose weight on its own, but when combined with a healthy diet, it might, according to Kearney. Also, think about speaking with your doctor or a trained nutritionist for advice if you have severe sugar cravings or are considering utilizing l-glutamine to help you kick an addiction.

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