Weight Loss Stories: How this Man Lose 42 Kgs in 6 Month Only


Mohit Kumar Gupta was never concerned about his health or appearance. When it came to eating to his heart’s delight, he was the least conscientious. However, he progressively gained weight, stopped fitting into his clothes, and others began to make disparaging remarks about his size. This article is included with detailed information on Mohit Kumar Gupta’s life story. It is one of the most enthusiastic Weight Lose Stories ever. That’s when he resolved to take action and make the required lifestyle adjustments. His weight-loss journey is as follows:

There was a period when I was completely unconcerned about my health and weight. I used to eat without thinking about what might happen if I didn’t. However, as I gained weight, my appearance became deformed, and my body began to protrude from beneath my clothing. In addition, my way of living became a shambles. People began making uninvited weight-related remarks. It was then that I realised I’d had enough. I knew I needed to lose weight, so I began my weight-loss journey and haven’t looked back!

-Mohit Kumar

Diet Followed

First meal of the day

1 apple

Second meal (His Breakfast)

He used to consume Oats, sprouts, moong dal (green) cheela, 2 brown toast with 1 spoon of peanut butter for breakfast every day.

Third meal

1 cup papaya

His fourth meal (lunch)

The fourth meal is between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m., and it consists of 1 bowl of boiling dal(any), 1 small cup curd, and 1-2 chapati.

Fifth meal

1 cup of green tea and some roasted chickpeas (black channa).

His Dinner

Because he was intermittent fasting, he preferred to finish my dinner by 7:00 p.m., which consisted of very low-calorie foods such as 4-5 oat idli, boiled veggies, and 1 glass of milk, among other things. He used to eat pumpkin soup that had been boiled.

Pre-workout meal

1 apple/1cup black coffee.

Post-workout food

He used to work out 3-4 times a week, therefore he always ate a high-protein lunch like 15 grammes of soya chunks.

He indulged in (What you eat on cheat days)

On cheat days, he ate anything he wanted; yet, he was mindful of my diet for the following week. He was first apprehensive about cheat days or cheat meals, but he has since learnt to adjust his diet.

Low-calorie snacks

Fruits, Almonds, chickpeas, and peanuts became his closest friends during my weight loss.

Workout Regime

He began my fitness routine with running and easy workouts, which he did three to four times a day for one hour each time.

He increased the length of my training after two months. Six days a week, twice a day. In the morning, he did 30 minutes of continuous running with various sorts of cardio. In the evenings, he used to conduct various strength-training activities. The following was his daily routine:

Monday: Morning(abs) and evening (upper chest).

Tuesday: Morning (sides) and evening (back).

Wednesday: Morning(cardio/HIIT workout) and evening (shoulder).

Thursday: Morning(abs) and evening (lower chest).

Friday: Morning(sides) and evening (bicep and tricep).

Saturday: Morning (LIIS workout) and evening (LEGS).

Fitness Secrets He Unveiled

He had tried numerous times in the past to slim down, but he had never been successful. After several failed attempts, he discovered the four crucial secrets to losing weight. Dedication, willpower, patience, and a nutritious diet are among the secrets. Although knowledge is essential for reducing weight and getting in shape, you cannot achieve this objective without strong self-control and perseverance. Rather of binge eating, you should stick to a healthy and nutritious diet. Another important factor to consider when losing weight is relying 70% on nutrition and 30% on exercise.

How does he stay motivated? : It’s simple; the outcomes are what keep me going. Furthermore, it feels incredible when people complement you on your weight loss and say things like, “Yaar, tu wahi Mohit haina jo humne do mahine pehle dekha tha! Hume bhi kuch batao yaar, itna weight lose kaise kiya!” When he sees his old clothes, which were too big for me, it boosts my confidence because I’ve started wearing my younger brother’s things (Size-: L and M).

How does he maintain his concentration? : When he was down, he just listened to his body, remembered that “looks matter,” and understood what it required. His energy levels would rise as he did this, and he would be more driven to achieve his fitness goals.

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The Bottom Line

Our bodies are capable of incredible feats. So believe in yourself and push yourself a little harder every day. With the weight loss, I was also ready to let go of a lot of emotional baggage that I had been dragging around for years. That’s all you really want at times. When things start to fall apart around you and your mental and psychological health deteriorates, you must feel obliged to take action. It’s biological that endorphins (the feel-good chemicals) are released, which aid in stress relief.

Weight reduction and body care necessitate a high level of discipline; it isn’t easy to motivate oneself to go to the gym on a regular basis, especially not until it has practically become an unavoidable part of your life-style, as it is for me right now. This discipline, on the other hand, may imitate and aid you in many facets of life. According to them, it takes twenty-one (21) days to form a habit. As a result, it could be as simple as setting a goal. Whatever occurs over the next twenty-one (21) days, make it a point to go to the gym/workout for this specified amount of time. That’s exactly what I did. And I’d say it was a success.

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