Weight Loss Story: How a woman followed a vegetarian diet and walked for 5km every day to lose 22 kilos

In our everyday life, beneath all the fuss about what’s happening around the world, we all crave to read cheerful success stories about people who made a difference in their life! This weight loss story is about a young girl who lost 22 kilos in a year. As fascinating as it is, let us dig a little deeper into how she made it happen. Read: Weight Loss Stories: How this Man Lose 42 Kgs in 6 Month Only

Sneha Agarwal lives in Greater Noida, aged 21, and is a B. Tech student. She was 76 kilos when she started her weight loss journey. She was not always overweight but due to studies and stress, she became physically inactive and gained a lot of weight. One day she realized she was very unfit as per her age and decided to change her lifestyle. She started eating healthy and exercising every day and eventually lost 22 kilos! How amazing and life-changing it turned out for her to be. It took her one year to lose weight.

Her weight loss diet included Sprouts, besan ka cheela, badam, and any non-oily healthy thing in breakfast, Dal roti, salad, and curd for lunch, and Daliya, khichdi, lightest of all meals for dinner.

Her workout comprised of fast walking for over 5 km every day and yoga and some dancing as a hobby.

Sneha also shared about the most difficult part of being overweight. She states that being overweight makes you prone to diseases and you lose your strength. Once you get obese, you sometimes even lose confidence and enthusiasm. People always form an opinion and passed judgments about her weight however, what mattered was how you looked at yourself in the mirror. She was disappointed due to her lack of fitness and energy. Fortunately, she focussed on herself and the happier side of life.  She learned a very important lesson during her weight loss journey that one should always try to make oneself better for our good. We should do things that make us feel more confident and enthusiastic. Read Also: 10 Simple Weight Loss Tips and Fitness Advice


Weight loss success stories never fail to impress us. The hard work and dedication are always inspiring no matter what. Just like Sneha, other weight loss stories have the zeal to motivate other people and make them believe in themselves. Fighting the urge to stop eating and resting but control oneself from overeating is tough for people who are prone to stress or desk jobs. Sharing weight loss stories is a way to make people get up from their place and start them believing in the success of losing weight. Apart from feeling enthusiastic and healthy, losing excess weight leads to grabbing undivided attention and boosts confidence. Being overweight in the present world is difficult, people may almost treat you like you’re invisible. This leads to low self-esteem and low self-confidence. As much as losing weight makes you feel better, it also makes you feel alive from within and of course confident.

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