What Is the Mayr Method Diet, and Is It Safe?

The Definition of Mayr Method Diet

The Mayr Method diet has been around for more than a century, but according to Alison Graziano, R.D.N., a registered dietitian nutritionist at Mass General Hospital’s Concierge Medicine and Executive Health Practices, its alleged connection to Wilson has increased its appeal.

According to Graziano, the diet’s genuine tenets include avoiding coffee, sugar, dairy, and gluten for 14 days.

The diet also calls for adjusted eating habits, with a focus on mindful eating practices like putting down electronic devices before meals, chewing each mouthful of food 40 to 60 times, eating only cooked foods after 3 p.m., skipping water with meals, and ceasing eating at 7 p.m.

According to Jenna Volpe, R.D.N., a gut health specialist at Whole-listic Living, the Mayr Method likewise emphasizes gut health. Through a combination of mindful eating, portion restriction, a concentration on alkaline foods, and avoidance of some foods considered to be “inflammatory,” she continues, “this diet focuses on maximizing gut health.”

According to Volpe, the Mayr Method also recommends lifestyle modifications such as cutting back on screen time, going to bed earlier, getting more sleep, and using acupuncture and nose reflexology in the therapy regimen.

The Mayr Method is it secure?

Both Graziano and Volpe believe that the Mayr Method is overly restricted, despite some positive characteristics (such as including healthful foods in your diet). But I don’t think all the bells and whistles contained in this dietary program are necessary in order to have a healthy gut and overall wellbeing, says Volpe. “Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the idea that a healthy gut is key to a healthy life,” she says.

Both experts agree that eliminating entire food groups is undesirable for a variety of reasons. The nutrient density of the diet is actually diminished when whole food groups are eliminated, claims Graziano. “Important nutrients including protein, calcium, phosphorus, and vital vitamins like B12 are found in dairy. Grains that contain gluten offer vital nutrients like fiber, folate, iron, and zinc.”

Furthermore, according to Graziano, the rigid rules of the diet may lead to harmful disordered eating practices. This is particularly true, she continues, “for people who have a history of continuous dieting or disordered eating.”

Try the Mayr Method, should you?

Graziano believes that’s a challenging pass. “The Mayr Method is not something I would suggest to anyone. Simply put, a diet with rigid food restrictions cannot be sustained.”

According to Graziano, using this diet to lose weight in 14 days is not beneficial, even though incorporating some aspects of it, like eating mindfully and without interruptions, may offer long-term benefits (like improving your relationship with food and helping you maintain a healthy weight for you). Water loss will account for a sizable amount of any weight loss that occurs during those 14 days, she says. “Diets like the Mayr Method promise benefits through restriction, but any kind of restriction usually backfires and contributes to a risky binge-restrict cycle,” says the author.

Volpe concurs. She claims that “this program, like most other diets, is not clinically justified or tailored.” When it comes to nutrition, it’s critical to meet people where they are and offer advice that is scientifically sound and pertinent to each person as an individual.

It’s always best to speak with your doctor or a certified dietitian before changing your eating habits if you’ve been thinking about adopting this or another new diet.

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